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Welcome to GorillaTrades! Our website was created with one purpose in mind – to bring expertly informed investment advice to the masses. We know you’ve worked hard for your money, and the last thing you want is to gamble it away with “hope the market goes my way” trading.

Our mission is to take some of the luck out of stock trading to help you get the most out of your investments. We draw on decades of experience, data, and a historical understanding of market performance to deliver stock picks that offer high yields with minimal risks.

From our humble beginnings in a dorm room back in 1999, we’ve managed to grow into a thriving business, offering judiciously curated stock picks to countless clients. We owe our reputation to our company values – from the very beginning, we’ve emphasized honesty, transparency, and education.

We don’t just give you a list of stocks to choose from; we aim to provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to navigate the stock market without fear. From novice investors to veteran traders, our clients know that they can trust the Gorilla!

What Do Our Subscribers Say?

“I have always understood the importance of investing, but between work, family and everything else on my plate, I just never had the time to research quality stock ideas on my own. Then a really great friend of mine told me about GorillaTrades. I signed up for this 30-day free trial. I started out watching some of the tutorial videos the Gorilla sent me. And from there it really just didn’t take long at all for me to be completely on board. The service is Great!”
Shay B.
“I absolutely love your service. I don’t know how you do it, but I am very, very happy that I found you, and I can’t thank you enough for helping me to realize my dream of achieving a supplemental income to my pension. I have tried many services, but no one–absolutely no one–can match your record of winning trades. Now yours is the only service I use and trust, and will ever need. Thank you, for your near-perfect, consistent service! I remain one very satisfied customer.”
Michelle R.
“When I found the Gorilla, I was your basic ‘hope the market will go my way’ trader. I took winners too soon, and waited for losers to turn-around. In summary, the best things I have learned from the Gorilla 1. When you hit the 1st target, sell some not all. 2. Try every recommendation. 3. Take a loss if the Gorilla takes one. I usually combine my trading with Point and Figure charts and RSI numbers. Thanks for the years of Good Picks and Good Advice.”
Gerie S.
“Since I have been with GorillaTrades I am learning as I go. The GorillaTrades system is my financial bible. I trust the Gorilla and his views and I know that not every trade will come up a winner, but the safeguards suggested will keep anyone from failing. I stay confident that my money will continue to grow and allow me more success with this fantastic system.”
Timothy L.
“I have been doing the Gorilla for about three or more years. I have had up weeks and down weeks. I bought stocks when they triggered. I bought stocks when they confirmed. My little pile of money is starting to grow. The reason it is growing is because I now follow all the suggested rules of the Gorilla. my next goal will be to become King Kong and then I will be on top of the mountain.”
Joseph D.
“When I started investing it didn’t take long to understand that what was required was full-time dedication, powerful tools, an understanding of market dynamics, and the skills to apply them. What I am sure of is suggestions that are made by the Gorilla are made with a foundation of analysis and expertise far greater than anything I am able to do.”
David S.

“I first became familiar with Gorilla Trades through an advertisement in Investors Business Daily several years ago. There has just been one year since then that I didn’t subscribe to the gorilla and that was definitely a mistake on my part. I started my account with $25000.00 of what I considered my ‘play money’, I left the majority of my retirement in my 401K in my company’s plan. I now have$153,000.00 in my ‘play money’ account and I am seriously thinking of managing my entire portfolio with the help of Gorilla Trades.”

Connie M.


“I’ve determined that my market philosophy is like the Gorilla’s. I especially enjoy the Gorilla's commentary!"
Steven K.
“Your daily commentary is superb, as you always seem to zero in on the big picture as to what is ‘driving the market.”
Ansel G.
“Dear Gorilla, Thanks for your excellent commentaries. They really help keep me grounded in this crazy market.”
Michele D.
“I greatly enjoy your commentary. Over the years, I found yours to be the only advisory worth keeping!”
Curt S.
“The Gorilla Trades System is so valuable and significant to me because it is the only consistently profitable system that I know of that is easy to understand. The Gorilla has developed a system that identifies stocks that have a high probability of success. Perhaps one of the most significant features is that it can be used from anywhere I have Internet access. I confidently recommend the Gorilla Trades System to everyone. Thank you for your great service!”
Marvin O.
“The Gorilla has not only developed a system that identifies stocks with a high probability of success, but he has made the system easy enough to understand and use that the average investor can use it with very little effort.

The benefits of GorillaTrades membership easily outweigh the cost.”
Stephen S.
I am “literally astounded” by the Gorilla’s unprecedented accuracy in picking winning and rapidly appreciating stocks. GorillaTrades offers a unique, proven proprietary system of stock selection that is unmatched when it comes to picking winners. Nobody appreciates the Gorilla’s wisdom of being patient and keeping an eye on strategic price AND volume targets of a previous Gorilla pick over time than me.
Robert W.
“Most brokers are faking sincerity, faking expertise. Sharks looking for easy prey, tossing darts at a list of stocks. The Gorilla is the opposite. You inspire trust. I like that you’re on my team. You keep finding new ways to educate me in the best and safest ways of navigating the jungle. I sleep better now.”
Tomas T.
"The Gorilla service has provided me with a methodical and precise approach to investing that I can implement and monitor in my spare time. I have benefited equally from the nightly market commentary and the multiple tutorials that have sharpened my investment skills. Keep up the good work!"
John P.
“I had seen and heard of Gorilla Trades before. Out of interest and curiosity I signed up for the free trial. Using some of the recommendations of the Gorilla, I took on three very profitable positions. Within a month, I have nearly doubled the size of my account as well as purchased a full year of Gorilla Trades."
Andrew R.

““I like to trade options, There is so much information out there, and so many individuals and groups that try to put themselves between me and the money. (creating imaginary toll booths) I follow the Gorillas Option idea of the week. Once I have the data I make the final decision on the trade, and any additional strategies using the Gorillas parameters. I look forward to Monday evenings, I also eat more bananas.””

Mark W.


"I had been trading for years prior to subscribing to GorillaTrades without a lot of success. But after using the GorillaTrades for the past couple of years, my trading is now successful."
Tom O.
"Thank you very, much for your excellent trading recommendations. I’ve been using your service for 7 months and am just amazed at the success rate. My only regret is that I didn’t do it 10 years ago.”
Paul B.
“You are able to provide opportunity to invest in a bull or a bear market and that’s something! Clear targets for exit enable us to lock in profits and avoid big losses. That is the key to success.”
Mehul D.
"I am a new subscriber to you and am impressed with your advice. It is delightful to be able to say I have made money in the few short weeks I have been a member. Keep up the good work!!”
Martin S.
“In the beginning, I felt unsure of myself (I am 73 and have never bought or sold stocks). I was willing to sell out at the slightest downturn. After your help, I feel that I have a fairly good grasp of how to continue to make winning trades. You can be sure that I am not alone in thanking you for doing such a great job. May you become wealthier than Midas (that is, if you aren’t already.) We need you! Please stick around for a long time.”
Gene D.
“I have bought and sold mutual funds since about 1986 and have had decent returns but I never felt that I had the time to become knowledgeable enough to buy individual stocks. I find the GorillaTrades service so valuable because you have solved the trouble of finding those stocks. Because of GorillaTrades I feel equipped with the right stocks to choose from and have made my new adventure into stock trading profitable from the start.”
Brandon R.
“Besides supplying valuable trading ideas, the Gorilla is an educator . The repetitions of buying into strength rather than weakness, of always assigning an exit strategy to every trade, of balancing risk against returns; all these lessons that the Gorilla repeats almost nightly are yielding profits. The most valuable quotation the Gorilla has ever uttered is, “Learn to lose like a pro. Keep losses small. Winning will take care of itself.”
Gary B.
“I subscriber to at least 7 or 8 stock newsletters. The problem with all of them is this: They tell you to sell a stock, after you have lost 30% or more of your principal. It’s a losing strategy. I needed a much better strategy. Now in my 3rd year with Gorilla Trades, I am generating a profit, and holding losses to a minimum. The key to success with the Gorilla system, is raising the stop loss floor each week. No other stock letter ever suggested this method. Stock investing is fun again. Thanks for a great, well thought out service.”
Steven V.
New York
“About 5 years ago one of my clients asked me to look at Gorilla Trades and give him my opinion. It seemed he had found an excellent method that appeared to work for him. After following the daily newsletter for about six months, I became convinced that here was a simple system that would work for both the novice and sophisticated investor. Gorilla Trades does all the hard work for you. What could be easier? Trouble is a lot of my clients can do it without me now.”
Stuart O.
“With thousands of stocks available through several exchanges, it is nearly impossible for an individual to monitor them all and still hold a regular job. The GorillaTrades system accomplishes this and allows anyone interested to make some outstanding gains with minimal time involved. With the GorillaTrades system, anyone who follows it has a realistic chance at a better life and a better retirement with financial security.”
Michael C.

“Hi, just wanted to report back you that in the first 15 days that I have subscribed to GorillaTrades, I’ve made back my entire annual subscription fee trading call options based upon your stock selections…so far so good. In fact, I’m up 13.75% in realized gains and still have some unrealized gains as well.”

Larry S.

New York

“I never want to leave your protected and well-run jungle! You are a godsend in a fierce world. Keep your service coming. Thanks!”
Dr. E.
“Being from Vegas, I can truly say that, for me, the Gorilla service puts the ‘Viva’ in ‘Viva Las Vegas’!”
Daniel T.
"The GorillaTrades system is a survival kit; it is the difference between who get slaughter and who survives."
Al R.
"The Gorilla System is, by far, the most effective and offers the user of this system a large degree of success."
Aaron S.
New York

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