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The Gorilla has been asked many questions about our stock picking service over the years. 

And we think it’s important to answer as many as we can. 

There are a lot of sub-standard companies that offer stock suggestions out there and the Gorilla believes that people have the right to know more about them.  So we have posted a few of the most requested questions submitted to us from some of our subscribers here for your review.


GorillaTrades is a mechanical, risk-controlled system. A specific exit strategy, which includes a stop loss level and upside performance targets, is given with every new GorillaPick. Thus, there is no guesswork involved! It is designed to make your investing decisions effortless.

GorillaTrades was incorporated in 1999. The Gorilla spent the past twenty years developing the methodology used successfully today by GorillaTrades. At the insistence of many of the monkeys who had witnessed the Gorilla’s success, he decided to make the service available on a subscription basis. Even the Gorilla was surprised at the response, and with absolutely no advertising during the first two years, GorillaTrades became one of the fastest growing and most well-respected subscription investment services in the world!

GorillaTrades is an advertising partner with each of these companies and is a totally independent entity.

Although this number is not made public, the Gorilla has subscribers representing every state and 55 different countries, and a few tropical rain forests. The Gorilla has no time to count because he is too busy looking for fresh stocks ideas.

A famous Vice President once said about learning Better to ask twice than to lose your way once.The Gorilla would like to use that quote to encourage subscribers not to just dive into the market, entering feet first may help your survival by avoiding the many pitfalls of trading. Begin by getting familiar with how the system works by reading the nightly e-mails, researching and reviewing the current portfolio, and easing into trading with the potential ideas that coincide within your risk parameters.

Yes. A 1st target, a 2nd target, and a stop loss level are provided with EVERY potential GorillaPick.

All adjustments to stop loss levels and/or targets are made in the Trader’s Notes section of the Gorilla&’s Monday evening email and are also updated on the posted portfolios in the Members section of

By reading the Gorillas nightly email, which includes all new recommendations (potential GorillaPicks).

No it is absolutely NOT necessary. In very rare cases, an intra-dayStock Alert will be sent via email, but ONLY if there are extenuating circumstances such as a day with EXTREMELY large volume!

As with any investment type scenario there are always losses. The Gorilla always urges subscribers to be patient and stick with the program EVEN if some losses occur. As any good investor knows, losses will occur, but the important thing is to keep them smaller than your gains. It takes a few months to build a well-diversified, GorillaTrades portfolio.

There is no specific amount that the Gorilla recommends, however, he does advise that no subscriber EVER invests more than 5%-10% of his/her account in any ONE GorillaPick!

Yes, the Gorilla recommends that you remain hedged at all times.

The proper size of your investment account is the size that will properly diversify your tolerance for risk.

After years of studying a successful portfolio’s characteristics, the Gorilla has determined three significant stages of a blooming GorillaPick.

– Stage one: “Trigger Day.” The stock idea has traded above the previous day’s high price within a five-day period (please refer to the Gorilla Dictionary for detailed term explanations). This stage is designed to alert subscribers of this stock’s strength, and should be watched and considered for purchase.

– Stage two: “Confirmation Day.” The stock idea has experienced accumulation beyond its average daily volume levels. Waiting for this event significantly improves the probability of a successful trade.

– Stage three: First target. This stage is designed for the trader to realize a portion of the stock’s profits. Although stocks can theoretically rise forever, the Gorilla uses this tool to properly diversify a portfolio (the remainder of the capital is used to invest in new or existing GorillaPicks).

Furthermore, knowing and understanding the current market environment, evaluating the current portfolio of GorillaPicks, taking notice of risk ratings, and updating your stop levels on a weekly basis can significantly increase your portfolio’s return.

The Monte Carlo simulation is not used when measuring success. However, The Gorilla does recognize that technically strong companies with the least resistance advance the farthest during bull market periods. When researching the portfolio, stick with those GorillaPicks that have confirmed; these ideas have proven buyers on board!

This circumstance is a necessary evil that serves to weed out the weaker GorillaPicks in the portfolio. It happens about every six to eight weeks. However, historically, a good percentage of GorillaPicks achieve their first target (with a 10%-20% average gain), before a stop loss is triggered (when the average loss is 6%-8%). At this pace, subscribers find that profits can add up quickly, especially by reinvesting their money into new GorillaPicks or the strongest current GorillaPicks.

On average there are anywhere from 25-50 stocks within the portfolio at any given time. Stocks are continually entering and exiting the portfolio from New Picksand updated stop levels (keep in mind that all price areas are suggested for risk purposes only; please always trade or invest within your own personal risk parameters). This approach creates the ideal menu of technically strong ideas that can be evaluated by their performance, sector, risk, and profit potential. The goal of GorillaTrades is to accommodate the many trading styles with the best ideas on the street.

The Gorilla would not recommend beginning to trade in a NEUTRAL environment, but would rather use tough environments to learn how to utilize the GorillaTrades system and all of its features to their fullest potential. The Gorilla would recommend reading the nightly e-mails while paper trading, as the education regarding the stock market and trading stocks you receive may very well be worth the cost of the subscription alone!

The GorillaTrades system is designed to alert subscribers of stocks ready to explode! Since high probability trading ideas with guidelines are generally scarce (especially during NEUTRAL environments), stocks may experience erratic price swings as a result of investors or traders jockeying for position. The Gorilla has noticed NO distinct advantage to entering trades prematurely, and has proven that the highest probability (of successful) trades occur post- Confirmation Day“.

Correct! The Gorilla updates appropriate (recommended) stop levels and/or upside targets in the Trader's Notes section of each Monday e-mail. These levels should be viewed as guidelines, and are designed to alert subscribers as to the area that may pose risk to a GorillaPick's strong continuation pattern. The price levels given are suggestions to protect capital and unrealized gains, but should be adjusted to each subscribers individual risk parameters.

No. The Gorilla recommends, for the highest probability, to trade “confirmed” GorillaPicks. The Gorilla’s portfolio averages 10-15 “confirmed” stocks per month, but these stocks could be held for 2-4 months depending on their strength. If this number of stocks cannot be purchased, the Gorilla recommends diversifying further by each Gorilla Pick’s Risk Rating. The number of stocks in your portfolio may vary over time, but it is imperative for proper diversification. Always update stop-loss levels after reading each Monday evening’s email (which includes the important Trader’s Notes section) and make sure to trade or invest realized profits, and further update stop-loss levels in regard to your personal risk parameters.

There are five ways the GorillaTrades System is designed to protect itself, but it relies on subscribers to decide which tools are appropriate for their individual investment style. Diversification- Stocks are diversified by selling a portion (currently 75%) of each GorillaPick at its first target. The realized capital is used to purchase more GorillaPicks, while the remaining 25% is left alone to rise to the stars!

Subscriber Testimonials

“I recently became a full-time investor. I decided to give GorillaTrades a shot and that would end up being the smartest thing I ever did. My portfolio is up 10% in just a few months! I’ve found that by just following the Gorilla’s approach to investing has taught me the discipline and confidence needed to succeed. I am spending less time worrying about my investments and more time on the golf course. Thank you GorillaTrades for making me a believer in stocks again!”
James C.
“Once there was an attorney who dreamed of a different life… Wow, after eight months of being subscribed to GorillaTrades, my returns have dramatically improved. I’ve had the confidence to quit my job to attend to more pressing needs: my 7 year old son and husband who is battling cancer.

The moral: If it sounds too good to be true, it is… unless it’s GorillaTrades!”
Mary H.
New Hampshire
“I started as a trial subscriber recently and joined on after my trial period ended. I am very impressed with your radar. Thanks for the many good opportunities. A banana daiquiri cheer to you!!”
Charles D.
“Needless to say, I am very pleased with your service. The results with your service have been such an eye-opener that I am now researching the possibilities of actually making a living from the stock market.”
Ansel G.
“I have increased my portfolio by 50% in the last two years. I have taken advantage of almost all your puppies with large paws. They never fail to pay for themselves within a few days.”
George N.
“I’ve been working construction for many years and I would like to tell GorillaTrades thank you so much for giving me new hope on some new income. You have renewed my hopes for my future."
Kevin C.

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