About the Gorilla

Ken Berman, aka “The Gorilla” is the founder of GorillaTrades.

He started investing in the stock market when in high school and took control of his father’s portoflio.

He is a graduate of University of Michigan and has worked as the VP of Investments at both Paine Webber and Smith Barney.

His success with his endeavors in the stock trading industry convinced him that he needed to go out on his own.  In 1999, from a simple laptop in his nephew’s dorm room, he founded Gorilla Trades, and he has shared his strategy with others ever since.

Since then he has grown GorillaTrades into a successful, highly respected stock picking service.

In the 18 months prior to founding the GorillaTrades service, GorillaTrades’ Founder & CEO utilized this exact system to turn $250,000 of his personal savings into a very impressive $5,500,000!

Subscriber Testimonials

"I've told many people about The Gorilla service. Instead of promising unattainable pie in the sky, the service sets realistic goals backed by sensible reasoning. For those who do not want a "set it and forget it" strategy and don't have the time or knowledge to do their own research, the service is perfect. They arm investors with actionable information and then they can pick and choose to be part of their investing process. I am very pleased with the service."
Al L.
“I've subscribed to Gorilla Trades for 4 years, and have had consistently good results. I especially like the way the Gorilla provides buy and sell parameters, and emphasizes in every communication the importance of risk management and use of stop losses. If you want story telling and your time wasted, the Gorilla is not for you. But if you want specific trigger and confirmation levels, requiring minimal time each day, you'll find few better than the Gorilla.”
Henry H.
"I have been trading stocks for many years and never found a source of trades that consistently provided profitable results until I subscribed to Gorilla Trades. Now, with your stock recommendations, multiple profit objectives and stoploss price inputs, I am able to sell put options on your stocks and watch my brokerage account grow exponentially, week after week. Your record of winning trades is PHENOMENAL. This is not my opinion, rather a statement of fact. I am most grateful."
Irene A.
“I made my 1st gorilla trade 5/24/20 and just closed #24 on 3/24/21. Overall return on my account is 15%, plus I incidentally picked up an additional $1295 in dividends while holding my trades. A nice bonus the gorilla hasn't mentioned. By the way, I started out using the free trial and made enough money during the trial to pay for the subscription. Their best advice is to always have an exit strategy. Regards, Anthony”
Anthony M.

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